Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Duke Energy Alumni Network (DEAN)?

The new Duke Energy Alumni Network, is a hub for former employees to stay connected to the company and former colleagues. It includes event information, company news, and feature stories about what Duke Energy alumni are doing in their post-Duke Energy lives. Alumni Network members will also receive periodic email updates about company initiatives.

Who is a Duke Energy Alumni?

Duke Energy’s alumni population includes our traditional retirees and employees with at least five years of service who have left the company in good standing.     

How can I join the DEAN?

Eligible alumni can register for, and access the Duke Energy Alumni Network at

Why is Duke Energy interested in staying connected with alumni?

Duke Energy alumni are part of the Duke Energy family – and we want to stay engaged with you. In addition to the contributions you made to our company, there’s a good chance you are also customers, shareholders and active community members. So, it’s important to keep you updated on our progress and provide tools that help boost the work you do in your communities.  

By engaging with alumni and sharing information, we hope to create brand advocates who will help tell the Duke Energy story and positively impact the communities we serve. 

Why should alumni join the DEAN?

Joining the Duke Energy Alumni Network helps you stay connected to Duke Energy and former colleagues and friends. It also provides you with access to up-to-date company information. Additionally, you can: 

  • Make and renew trusted, personal and professional connections with former colleagues and friends
  • Connect, collaborate and innovate with peers on topics of shared interest
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest company news
  • Learn about and participate in meetings and events 
  • Engage in your community
  • Take advantage of retiree-only programs

Can employees join the DEAN?

No. At this time, the Duke Energy Alumni Network is an exclusive network for Duke Energy alumni.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the DEAN?

If you have questions about the Duke Energy Alumni Network, you may contact Alumni Affairs at